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Last update: 01/06/2023

Dear travelers, partners and friends,

We hope that you and your loved ones are in good health and that you have not suffered the consequences of this unprecedented crisis that the whole planet is experiencing.

The new treaty created by the spread of Covid-19 requires additional precautionary health and safety measures. For us at Dreamland Houses, defending the public health and well-being of visitors, employees and associates, let alone the local community, is a top priority. That’s why we work methodically so that we can provide you with a safe holiday and relaxation environment, as well as the maximum possible flexibility in planning your trip.

No Covid-19 case has been reported in Santorini so far and we hope this will not change in the near future. We are closely monitoring the developments and we respectfully follow the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Greek authorities.

At Dreamland Houses we are systematically preparing for the moment when we will welcome you on your next trip to Santorini, re-approaching our operations, so that we are able to welcome you safely. Following the latest instructions from the Government, our homes will be open for the summer season of 2020 on June 15, while our booking department is already in operation.

At the same time we have created this page with detailed instructions and information about the policy of our hotel due to the Covid-19, which will be renewed depending on the developments. For more information, you can also contact the Hygiene & Safety team at info@dremland-houses.com.

On behalf of the Dreamland Houses team, we would like to thank you for your emotional support all this time.

The need to travel, to discover new places, to live new experiences is not going to stop. Until we meet, we will continue to travel mentally to the beauties of Santorini with the help of technology and social media. After all, hope is like the sea, it can never stop.

Until we meet, we stay healthy, we stay safe.

Until we meet again!



The family of Dreamland Houses!


At Dreamland Houses we have included in our operation strict cleaning and hygiene standards.

By closely following the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Greek Government, we have taken care to adopt additional precautionary measures to provide a safe environment for the stay of visitors and the individual protection of our team members.

In order to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, we have attended training seminars by the Chamber of Cyclades, with the aim of sanitary shielding of the accommodation and carried out methodical training of our staff.



We have made sure that every member of our staff has personal protective equipment (MAP) and receive special training in order to follow the new stricter procedures of hygiene and protection in daily work.

At the same time, we have created a special Hygiene & Safety team, which oversees the safe and uninterrupted operation of our accommodation, gives instructions and directs the staff if necessary, according to the instructions of the Authorities.



For the safety of all of us, we have adopted a very strict regime of cleaning and thorough disinfection in all homes, common areas and staff areas. Our homes stay open for four hours before welcoming the next visitors. The washing and ironing services of linen and clothes are done by the hotel staff, in our facilities, in order to avoid contact outside the accommodation.



We limit coordination in the Reception and in all common areas.

Disinfectants are available in all public areas of the accommodation and we encourage their regular use by staff and visitors. Also, individual fabric masks are available upon request, while guests and staff can be remotely thermometered in the Reception area with a thermometer of intact front measurement. Visitors other than the tenants of the accommodation are allowed only after communication and consultation with the Reception.



Taking into account the liquidity of the situations we are experiencing and understanding the difficulty of long-term planning, we have adjusted the policy and the terms of reservations, in order to offer the maximum possible flexibility. We are committed to closely monitoring developments in order to further expand our efforts if necessary.

Following the developments, we considered it necessary to expand the “Dreamland Houses Travel Flex” policy to include all reservations within the 2020 season. More specifically, we allow you to reprogram your trip, giving you a Voucher that can be used any summer season you wish.

Visitors who are not allowed to travel to the accommodation for which they have booked in accordance with applicable law will be able to change the dates.

Our goal is to have the time and comfort to think and plan your trip as close as possible, without stress and additional worries.



Have Covid cases been diagnosed in Santorini?

No case of Covid-19 has been reported in Santorini to date and we hope it will remain so.

If a Covid-19 case is diagnosed while I am staying at the hotel, what kind of help / support should I expect from the hotel?

At Dreamland Houses we believe that difficulties such as the one we are experiencing make high standards and secure hosting even more necessary.

Considering how much the situation with Covid-19 has affected both our visitors and our partners, at Dreamland Houses we make every effort to meet the needs and offer every possible support.

Where do you find the nearest medical center in case I need medical help?

The Central Hospital of Thira is located 15 minutes from the accommodation, and the local doctor of the area just 5 minutes from the accommodation, If you do not feel well at any time, please inform the Reception immediately.

How is the cleaning done and who has access to my room?

Cleaning staff have access to homes with the necessary careful equipment. Maintenance services will be avoided in homes inhabited by tenants. In case of emergency, the occupants of the house will be notified in advance.

Am I entitled to a refund if my vacation is reduced due to a Covid-19?

In the event that your period of residence is reduced due to an incident of a tenant, you are entitled to a Voucher for the rest of your days, which can be redeemed until 31/10/2021.

How do I return to Athens in case I get sick?

If you do not feel well at any time, you should contact with the Reception to inform the Central Hospital of Thira immediately at 2286035300 and the National Public Health Organization (EODY) at 1135 or 2105212054 (24 hours a day) for further information and information on the patient’s return to Athens.



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